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The production situation of tungsten

wallpapers News 2021-05-25
The production situation of tungsten
After several years of development, China's tungsten mining production scale continues to expand, technology development ability, market competitiveness has reached a certain level, according to the needs of domestic and foreign users to produce a variety of tungsten products, has made great achievements.
In 2006, the sales revenue of China's tungsten industry was 31.1 billion yuan and the sales profit was 6.4 billion yuan, an increase of 7% over 2005. The sales revenue of 91 major tungsten enterprises accounted for 63.0% of the total industry, an increase of 20 percentage points over 2005, among which the sales revenue of mining enterprises, smelting enterprises, cemented carbide enterprises, tungsten materials enterprises and tungsten and iron enterprises increased by 22.4%, 20.5%, 16.5%, 11.7% and 7.4% respectively. In 2006, China exported 31,710.45 tons of tungsten products, only 1.8% more than that of 2005, and the growth rate slowed down by 10.7 percentage points. Exports were US $1.09 billion, an increase of 36.3 percent over 2005. Imports of 7,890.9 tons, an increase of 71.5% over 2005; Imports amounted to US $202 million, an increase of 108.2 percent over 2005. Net exports were 23,819.6 tons, down 10.3 percent from 2005; Net exports were $888 million, up 26 percent from 2005. Exports of 1 ton of tungsten products in 2006 were equivalent to 4 tons in 2002 and 2003, 3 tons in 2004 and 1.3 tons in 2005.
In the first half of 2007, the production and operation of the China tungsten industry showed a steady and rapid development trend. From January to June 2007, the national output of tungsten concentrate was 40,309 tons (equivalent to WO365% volume, the same below), an increase of 18.65 percent over the same period last year. From January to June 2007, the accumulative export of tungsten products amounted to 15343.8 tons of metal, an increase of 8% over the same period of 2006, and the export volume amounted to 535 million US dollars, an increase of 91.7% over the same period of 2006. The accumulative import of tungsten products (containing tungsten concentrate) amounted to 3430.2 tons, and the import amount amounted to 85.335 million US dollars, increasing by 87.5% and 121.9% respectively compared with the same period in 2006. Exports of cemented carbide amounted to 1245.6 tons, up 17.06% over the same period; exports amounted to 479.7477 million dollars, down 4.52% year on year; average export price amounted to 385,153.9 dollars/ton, down 18.4% year on year.
China's tungsten ore belongs to monopoly resources, but it does not obtain monopoly profit. The reason is that the structure of Chinese tungsten export products is unreasonable, the export is too much and the price is low. The export of primary products with low added value is the fatal weakness of China's tungsten trade. With the development of the market, the variety of tungsten products in China is gradually complete, the market pattern and industrial layout are gradually standardized, and the price of tungsten products has basically stabilized after more than two years of increase. Consolidation is likely to accelerate after 2008, and this process also breeds great investment opportunities.
Tungsten, a non-renewable resource, is cheap and unreasonably mined, giving China a low international profile. Therefore, it is hoped that the government will strengthen the supervision of this industry and restrict the export.

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