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What Are The Application Fields Of Zinc Sulfide Luminous Powder?

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Zinc sulfide luminous powder is also called short-acting luminous powder, product features: "come fast, go fast". The so-called "coming fast" refers to the short absorption time and being sensitive to the light source, and quickly showing the luminous effect: "going fast" refers to the short afterglow time. It is very easy to show the characteristics of luminous effect, making it widely used in many industries and many products.
Application field
The luminescent products made of luminescent materials and Zinc sulfide luminous powders have unique functions, have a wide range of applications, have a large market, have great commercial value, and have good social and economic effects.
◇Plastic, rubber, leather industry: luminous switches, buttons, handles, toys, handicrafts, gifts, shoe and hat accessories, clothing accessories, raincoats, safety helmets, stationery, labor protection products, etc., and various decorative strips with decorative functions, Laminating, anti-slip, anti-collision and other labor protection supplies.

◇Ceramics, enamel, and glass industries: finished products are widely used in fire protection, safety warnings, urban and rural public welfare undertakings, decoration, building materials, traffic signals, road signs, aisle instructions, handicrafts in industries, hydrology, transportation, property, scenic spots and other places Wait.
◇Coating industry: finished products can be used in traffic road marking test, interior and exterior wall decoration of buildings, emergency signs, decoration, decoration, handicrafts, etc.
◇Handicraft industry: luminous craft painting, luminous crystal ball, luminous glass products, luminous crystal sand, luminous colored pottery, luminous amber, luminous imitation jade products, luminous internal book crafts, etc.
◇Special printing industry: all kinds of luminous ink, printing paste, foaming paste, ceramic decal paper, glass decal paper, etc.

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