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Nano Tungsten disulfide WS2 powder

Nano Tungsten disulfide WS2 powder


Technical Parameters




Specific surface area(m2/g)

Volume density(g/cm3)













Note: according to user requirements of nano particle can provide different size products.

Product performance

Nanometer WS2 is one performance extremely fine new solid lubrication material, is not only suitable for the general lubrication condition, but may also use in the high temperature, the high pressure, the perfect vacuum, the high load, having the radiation and the corrosive medium working conditions; Because the WS2 bunch the bunch of internal arrangement produces magnetism, can a better adsorption moreover be able to form nanometer protection lubricant film in the greasing in the metal surface in the metal surface;WS2 has the minimum friction coefficient (approximately is 0.03), may mix in the metal powder as the chemical additive enhances the metal powder and causes it under high speed friction condition coherence to obtain the stable rubbing factor; Nanometer level’s WS2 has the good oxidation resistance, may join as the chemical additive to the lubricating oil (fat), can enhance the lubricating oil effectively (fat) the ep performance and anti-rubs the anti-friction performance; Joins a nanometer level in the casting process WS2 to be able to enable the mold metal to have certain self lubrication performance, has the extremely good adsorptive capacity to the metal surface, may with the oil class, the fats match the tungsten disulfide oil emulsion, the tungsten disulfide grease, the tungsten disulfide wax and other solid Run slide and the lubricant film.

1. Can be used as a lubricant, performance is better than molybdenum disulfide, low friction coefficient, compressive strength is bigger.
2. Separately used in high temperature and high pressure, high speed and high load, and operation of equipment in chemical active medium.
3. With other material configuration of forging and stamping lubricant, can prolong the life of the mold, improve product finish.


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